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Schine Box Office Ticketing Policies

The Schine Box Office sells tickets for campus events and programs sponsored by Syracuse University organizations such as registered student organizations, recognized greek chapters, club sports and administrative or academic departments.  Tickets will only be available for sale at the Schine Box Office location or online.

Ticket Request Form

  • A Ticket Request Form must be completed by Syracuse University organizations to have tickets sold through the Schine Box Office. The form is available online here.
  • For ticketing, the Box Office Supervisor must receive a completed Ticket Request Form a minimum of two weeks prior to the event.  The online ticketing option will not be available if the form is submitted after this deadline.  Delays in getting the form to the Box Office will cause a delay in ticketing.
  • Please allow at least, but no longer than, three business days after submitting the Ticket Request Form for tickets to go on sale.
  • All fields on the form must be completed before it can be processed.
  • Package pricing must be approved by the Schine Box Office.  The Schine Box Office reserves the right to limit/restrict package pricing.
  • Tickets for sale through the Schine Box Office are open to all SU/ESF students (excluding Senior Celebration and the Senior BBQ).  Ticket sales cannot be limited by student type (undergraduates, graduates, law, etc.).

Ticketing Requests from Student Organizations

  • The Schine Box Office can only provide ticketing services to Syracuse University recognized student organizations and greek chapters as well as registered sport clubs.
  • All Syracuse University student organizations must have a consultant AND the appropriate venue representative sign the Ticket Request Form.  Enough time should be allotted to allow these approvals to occur and still get the form to the Box Office within the timelines referenced above. 

Complimentary Tickets

Groups may request a number of complimentary tickets for their event or program on the Ticket Request Form.

  • Complimentary tickets will only be provided to the primary contact person listed on the Ticket Request Form
  • Complimentary tickets will be available for pickup at the Schine Box Office on or after the first day of ticket sales.
  • Distribution of complimentary tickets is the responsibility of the sponsoring Syracuse University organization.
  • Syracuse University student organizations should consult with the Budget Manager for Fraternity and Sorority Affairs/Student Activities for complimentary ticket limits and restrictions.

Dance Parties and Concerts

  • There is a four-ticket limit at the SU/ESF student discount rate for all dance parties and concerts.  See Dance Party and Concert Policies for more details.
  • There will be a three-day delay for general public ticket sales (if applicable) for all dance parties and concerts.


Printing fees are charges paid to the Box Office to cover the cost of ticket stock, printing and distribution of tickets.

  • Printing fees, listed below and on the Ticket Request Form, must be paid at the time the form is submitted.
    • Student Organization Print Fees: $40
    • Administrative/Academic Department Print Fees: $150
  • Printing fees must be paid in the form of an ID (Interdepartmental Order).


Sponsoring Syracuse University organizations are responsible for creating their own marketing for programs and events.

  • The sponsoring Syracuse University organizations must provide the Schine Box Office with copies of the event marketing materials.
  • Marketing that contains ticketing information should not be released until the on-sale date has been verified by the Schine Box Office.  This verification will be completed upon approval of the Ticket Request Form by the Schine Box Office Supervisor.

Off-Campus and Carrier Dome Events

Some events are held at off-campus locations that produce their own tickets. These locations include the OnCenter, Landmark Theater, Carrier Dome, etc.

  • The sponsoring Syracuse University organization is responsible for delivering hard copy tickets from the off-campus venue or Carrier Dome to the Schine Box Office at least three business days prior to the date tickets go on sale.
  • Sponsoring Syracuse University organizations will be charged a 2.75% merchant fee on all credit card sales, including online orders, for these events.
  • Merchant fees will be calculated at the conclusion of the event and will be charged via journal entry with the ticket income transfer. 

Online Ticketing Option

The Schine Box Office can sell tickets for select events online using

  • Online ticketing availability will be determined by performance and venue restrictions.
  • The Schine Box Office reserves the right to require and/or limit online ticketing.

Ticketing Capacity

The Schine Box Office is unable to provide ticketing for events with a capacity larger than 5,000.  The equipment, resources and physical location within the Schine Student Center cannot support the distribution of tickets to large-scale events in excess of this capacity.